Superman Unbound


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As ScreenRant correctly observes, DC has had a hard time making hits out of its characters on the silver screen. Except for Nolan’s Batman trilogy, all other attempts have been a flop. Green Lantern tanked. Wonder Woman can’t get off the ground. The much awaited Justice League movie has encountered glitches. There is of course Zack Synder’s Man of Steel, but it is at best a question mark.

But, surprisingly DC has been successful with straight-to-DVD animated movies and examples of these films are Justice League: Doom and the Dark Knight Returns (in two parts).

Later this year, DC will once again release another animated movie focusing on the Man of Steel. In this film, Superman will be going up against a threat which traces its origins to his home world of Krypton.

He won’t, however, be facing a man. He’ll be battling an android. Superman therefore goes against Braniac in the animated motion picture Superman Unbound.

The corresponding trailer can be seen below.


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