Comparing Jordan and Kobe


Jordan vs. Kobe (for the image, credit goes to its owner)

Pundits generally agree that Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time). However, some claim that Kobe Bryant isn’t far behind. This suggests that Kobe can potentially and realistically be Jordan’s equal or become even better than his airness. Is this blasphemy? Not quite. Jordan himself says that Kobe is the only player that can be compared to him.

The only way to settle the issues above is to look at hard data and fortunately someone generously has provided them. Through the infographic below, Kobe and Jordan are compared mano y mano.

Based on the data above, Jordan still and will always tower over Kobe in terms of accomplishments directly or indirectly related to basketball. Though Kobe is considered as Jordan’s possible heir apparent, the former’s achievements do not put him on the same level as of the latter.

After all, “possible” does not necessarily mean actual. And there’s a world of a difference.



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